4-9-476, 14-7-1789 and 11-9-2001

sssshh; under the sign of saturn, 80x70cm, 2019

non c’è nessuno che lo sa, 120x100cm, 2019

no one, 50x40cm, 2019

to be titled, 40x50cm, 2019

all of these contingencies are not due to chance but to certain magical or demonic influences, 50x40cm, 2019

4-9-476,  50x40cm, 2018
(a mapping of the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies on the 4th of September 476, the day when the last Western roman emperor, Romulus Augustus, abdicated)

11-9-2001, 120x100cm, 2019
(a mapping of mercury, the sun, venus, jupiter, the moon, saturn and other celestial bodies on the day of the September 11 attacks)

contra descartes, 35x45cm, 2017-2018

i have chosen the realm of pain and darkness as others have chosen that of radiance and the accumulation of matter, 60x50cm, 2018

29-5-1453, 50x40cm, 2018
(the positions of mars, mercury, the sun, venus and jupiter on the 29th of may 1453, the fall of constantinople)

the never setting sun of michel foucaults épistémè , 50x40cm, 2018

building a honeycomb in your mouth, 55x45cm, 2017-2018

14-7-1789, 50x40cm, 2018
(a mapping of the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies on the 14th of July 1789, the day of the storming of the bastille)

trickle down, 80x65cm, 2017-2018

to be titled, 120x100cm, 2019
(the positions of mercury from the 15th of february 2019 till the 14th of april 2019)

he was a so-so gardener, 45x35cm, 2017-2018

is modernity our antiquity?, 55x45cm, 2017-2018

late naturalism, 60x50cm, 2018

to be titled, 50x40cm, 2018

late capitalism, 60x50cm, 2018

neolithic future, 60x50cm, 2017-2018


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